I've been working on an amazing project, and it was my first project dedicated to just product illustration.
I started working with great enthusiasm. I was inspired to choose a character by my interests at that time. I was deeply immersed in the culture, traditions and visual arts of Africa. And the whole series of illustrations was intended under this influence. The theme of the first illustration defined by my client was Ideation Process. I drew a lot of sketches, and also started trying out other topics from the series.
As for metaphors, I wanted to experiment a bit. Of course, an ideation process for everyone is different, but for me, in fact, many ideas come up in a dream. The trick is not to forget them before you wake up. I also tried a new metaphor for an incoming idea. An egg instead of the popular light bulb also came to me not by chance: it is the egg that contains all the possible probabilities of the future! And, as one old fairy tale says, a golden one can bring a big surprise...
Sadly, the client had difficulties, and the project wasn't finished just starting.

But the theme continue to inspire me, and after a long time I decided to go ahead with it as my personal product illustration project. To be continued!

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